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Waldo Dynamics "ION" Recoil Spring Hi Capa

Waldo Dynamics "ION" Recoil Spring Hi Capa

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When Ions are charged they can deliver breath-taking levels of energy, which is exactly what we wanted to do here!

The recoil spring of any GBB replica decides the cycle speed and even the efficiency of which they perform. Here at Waldo Dynamics, the aim is to bring you a fantastic balance of both.

Stock, some Hi-Capas can be described as sluggish and dull when firing (we find this to be especially true on the non Tokyo Marui versions). Our springs help resolve this and give a smile inducing affect on the user. This is an excellent upgrade if you are looking to be competitive on the field. 

We offer a variety of strengths to suit your exact building requirements. From 120%, to 130%, to 140%, you can choose EXACTLY how you want your build to run. We also offer a savers package for all 3 spring strengths if you want to play about with what you prefer. 

Each of the 3 springs also comes in a unique color so you can easily tell the strength at a glance

  1. Blue finish = Weakest = 120% (in this instance)
  2. Purple finish = Middle ground = 130% (in this instance)
  3. Red finish = Strongest = 140% (in this instance)

Our springs are also coated in a slick, durable, and colourful finish. This allows for an even smoother compression whilst looking very unique and smart. 

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