Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your store hours?

Monday - (Closed)

Tuesday - (12-7 P.M)

Wednesday - (12-7 P.M)

Thursday - (12-7 P.M)

Friday - (12-7 P.M)

Saturday - (10-3 P.M)

Sunday - (Closed)

*Field hours differ from store ours please refer to our Calendar

When are your next games?

Our games will be set on our calendar this is our most up to date schedule all the times and dates will be posted there. Calendar

Do you guys offer birthday party's?

Of course !! You can either do birthday parties on regular game days at no extra cost outside of normal admission fees and rentals , however we also offer private parties. If you are interested in doing a private party send us an email at

How much is it to play?

Admission for our field is currently $30 (lunch included).

Rentals which are separate are $20(BB's not included).

BB prices starting out are 17.99 for a bag of 4,000.

Do I need a reservation?

No reservation needed, any game day we have on the schedule is open play anyone can join in and have fun!

Do you offer trade ins?

Yes we accept trade ins we buy items for 10-21% of the original value. There are rare cases where the percentage reaches above that threshold but this is all dependent on the item and the condition it is in we buy all things airsoft. This can be guns , gear , batteries, etc...

What is your FPS Limit for your field?

Our fps limits for the field are as follows

400 w/.28 no engagement

500 w/.28 100 foot engagement

There are no class restrictions

Full auto is allowed

Please read the rest of the rules here.