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Warranty and Return Policies

Airsoft Barracks Warranty Information

All Products purchased at Airsoft Barracks will be backed by a 40 day limited warranty.
While all sales are final, we understand how incredibly irritating it is to buy a gun only to find when you get it home that it does not work or something goes wrong very quickly.

This is why Airsoft Barracks has an in-house warranty and performs all repairs/fixes covered by the warranty in our store pro-shop. Except in rare cases, we DO NOT make you send your new gun back to the manufacturer/distributor so you can wait another 2 weeks to have it repaired or replaced. If your new gun or newly upgraded/repaired gun cannot be fixed, it will be replaced by Airsoft Barracks.

While we strive to provide the best warranty in the industry, there are some common sense restrictions

  • Airsoft Barracks limited warranty does not cover misuse and abuse.
  • Airsoft Barracks has absolutely no external warranty thus will not cover any external damage that has been caused or appearing after the product has been purchased.
  • Removal of the orange tip from you airsoft guns will void absolutely any warranty excluding a repair/upgrade warranty that has been performed by our pro-shop.
  • There are NO warranties on batteries or chargers, as we cannot control all the characteristics of how to correctly charge, discharge, and time your battery charging. Batteries have different health standards so please make sure you leave the store with a battery flyer, ask one of our trained staff, or read our battery information listed on our website for the proper battery charging/handling recommendations.
  • The customer will be responsible for all shipping charges to the store when our warranty services are being provided. However, Airsoft Barracks will provide shipping back to you if you product falls under our warranty. The customer is responsible for all inbound and outbound shipping charges when purchasing a repair or upgrade from the store.
  • All warranty repairs normally take 1-2 business days to process in our pro-shop, but may take longer if parts are not available from our distributors. All warranty airsoft guns will be placed in front of guns in line for normal repair and upgrades.
  • Any bb not on the Airsoft Barracks approval list below will void any warranty you gun carries. Due to the ever-changing landscape of airsoft, manufacturers will be added/removed as needed.  For the current official list, please check our website.
  • Tampering with, dis-assembly, taking apart, opening, unscrewing, etc …anything on or within your gun voids any and all warranties. This determination is at the sole discretion of our professionally trained staff of airsmiths.

Here are some examples of our warranty in action:

You buy a gun at our walk in store, take it home to play with and on the fifth day after your purchase the guns stops working or starts making a strange sound. You would then bring the gun into the store and the Airsoft Barracks staff would help you by: Checking to see when you made the purchase, determining if the gun is under/ or not under warranty due to how or why the problem was caused and, checking the gun into our pro-shop to be repaired or upgraded by our airsoft technicians.

  • You purchase a gun on our website and it is dead on arrival. You would then be responsible for shipping the gun back (on your bill) to us with an RMA number for Airsoft Barracks to perform an in-house inspection. If the gun has not malfunctioned due to misuse or abuse Airsoft Barracks would place the gun at the front of our line for repair and/or upgrades if needed. Airsoft Barracks will do its best to have the gun ready to ship out to you (on our bill) within 1-2 business days, but please be aware that we on a 5 business day week and our stock of repair parts can fluctuate depending on what our distributors have in stock.
  • You buy a gun at our walk-in or online store and after a couple of weeks the sling you are using breaks an the gun drops to the ground and no longer performs correctly or even works.
    You would then send the gun to us and upon inspecting it we would come to the conclusion that the gun malfunctioned due to external damage or abuse. The gun would then either be shipped back to you on your bill, or you could have the gun placed in our pro-shop line for repairs/upgrades. The gun would then be sent back to you on your within the time frame of approximately 10-12 business days.
  • You purchase a gun from our walk-in or online store and within our 40 day Limited Warranty your gun stops working all together. You then take the gun apart to find that the motor connector has come off or the piston has been stripped due to a jam. You would then send the gun back to Airsoft Barracks and upon our techs inspection we would determine that you have voided the warranty by taking apart/tampering with your gun. We would then take pictures as evidence of the gun being tampered with and send them to you along with calling you to find out what you would like to do…
  • If you take a gun home and play with it for a few days and decide it is working correctly, then black out the orange tip.  You have voided your warranty and no future problems will be covered under warranty.
  • You buy a gun along with a bag of bbs from our walk-in or online store and take it to a game the following weekend. You run out of bbs and thus are forced to quit playing or borrow some from your friend who is using bbs he purchased that are not on our approval list. The bbs seem to work fine in your friend’s gun but after a hundred or so in your gun it jams up and something breaks. You have just voided you warranty by not using bbs on our approval list.

Airsoft Barracks Return Policy

Airsoft Barracks maintains an ALL Sales Final policy due to the type of, and characteristics of the products we sell.

  • Under rare circumstances certain unopened, new items may be returnable with a 12% restocking fee. This is under the discretion of Airsoft Barracks.
  • All returned items must have an official Airsoft Barracks RMA ( returned merchandise authorization) number posted on returned products packaging in visible form or products will be rejected
  • All custom modified guns and upgraded guns purchased and built by Airsoft Barrcaks will have a strict No-Return policy but will fall under the Class-leading 40 day ASB tech warranty. See Warranty Policy for more info.

Under no circumstances will any products be returned because you do not like them. We have a no try-buy policy and will not return a product because you made a bad decision or just wish you had bought something else. We feel very sorry if you are not happy with your purchase, but please understand that these are imported items and we will not take back products in case they have been tampered with or opened. We strictly enforce this policy so that our customers can have confidence that we are not selling them possible second-hand or open-box products…