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Tokyo Marui VSR-ONE

Tokyo Marui VSR-ONE


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■Variable hop-up system 
■Single fire release 


Total rifle length: 614 mm / 800 mm (once the stock is extended)
Barrel length: 200 mm
Weight: 2,100 g (with unloaded magazine)
Bullet size: 6mm BB (0.2~0.28g)
Energy source: Manual
Magazine capacity: 30 rounds 


For an added advantage, acquire our 30 rounds supplementary magazine. 


The VSR-ONE, Tokyo Marui's ground-breaking reinterpretation of the timeless VSR-10 bolt-action mechanism, strikes an impressive balance between adaptability, portability, and streamlined functionality, asserting itself as the future of bolt-action air rifles.  


Colour Selections 

Unifying style and precision, the VSR-ONE is available in two compelling colour tones - Stealth Gray and Phantom Blue, Tokyo Marui's audacious approach in design manages to uphold the defining aspects of the VSR series while introducing an attractive addition of colour variants. 


Prime Features 


Cutting-Edge Design Components 

The VSR-ONE employs a range of contemporary features such as a chassis donned with an M-LOK rail system and QD holes, a sight mount rail for open view, an upscaled bolt handle, and an M4-style pistol grip. The compact barrel size improves dexterity, and a foldable stock guarantees superior portability. 


True-to-Life Bolt Mechanism 

The VSR-ONE expertly mimics the bolt operation that sharpshooters are accustomed to - each shot necessitates a pull and return of the bolt. The pronounced bolt handle supports swift cocking, offering users an engaging sense of tension and realism. 


Captivating Black Aesthetic 

The VSR-ONE radiates a powerful presence with its non-reflective matte finish and all-black theme, aptly suiting its role as a sniper rifle. This design focus not only empowers stealth but also injects a healthy dose of intimidation in its appearance.   


Personalized Trigger Controls 

Users can adjust and fine-tune the metal trigger unit's weight and stroke length to suit their needs. This attribute ensures ultimate control and responsiveness - giving users a tailored shooting experience. 


Efficient Box Type Magazine 

Designed with a box type magazine that houses 30 rounds, the VSR-ONE enables swift and smooth magazine changeovers with a single push - increasing the efficient operation in critical situations.  


Expandable with Optional Components 

The VSR-ONE supports a wide array of optional parts like 14mm reverse-threaded silencers, various optics, and 20mm Picatinny-standard compatible bipods. This flexibility allows users to modify and personalize the rifle to perfectly match their needs and preferences. 


In summary, Tokyo Marui's VSR-ONE redefines the bolt-action air rifle landscape by merging classy aesthetics with superior functionality to deliver a modern, high-performing weapon. 


Included Accessories 

VSR-ONE bolt action rifle, 1 magazine (30 rounds), M-LOK rail in 3 sizes (S/M/L), bolt sleeve cover, protective cap, 4 types of hex wrench, cleaning rod, BB bullets (0.28g/100 rounds). 


Safety Measures 

We strongly uphold the importance of responsible handling and operation of air rifles. Please read and understand the instructions manual thoroughly before using your VSR-ONE bolt action rifle. Always employ safety practices such as keeping the safety lever on until you're ready to fire and never aiming at others whether loaded or not. 


Stellar Customer Services 

As a trusted and reputable name in airsoft, we stand behind the quality of our products and service. We provide comprehensive customer services, ensuring that your experience is seamless and satisfactory. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to address your queries, provide product assistance, or assist with acquiring optional parts. 


Unleashing Precision with Every Shot 

Whether you're an experienced sniper or a new entrant into the world of airsoft, the VSR-ONE Bolt Action Rifle is your key to unrivaled precision and performance. Its unmatched accuracy, ease of use, and customization options serve to reinforce your shooting skills and revolutionize your gaming experience. 


  • Strikingly built quality.
  • Precision performance.
  • World-class airsoft technology.


The VSR-ONE is more than a standard air rifle – it's your companion in achieving strategic advantage and a testament to Tokyo Marui's relentless dedication to quality and innovation. Don't just play, dominate with VSR-ONE. 

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