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Tokyo Marui SGR-12

Tokyo Marui SGR-12


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Tokyo Marui SGR-12 Automatic Electric Shotgun: The New Era in Fully Automatic Shotguns


■Equipped with triple variable hop-up system
■3 shots fired simultaneously
■Full auto/semi-auto fire


☆Want even more slugs for your SGR-12? Get the compatible drum magazine here and drop a whopping 3,000 rounds on your enemies. Standard-size, 600 rounds magazine also available.☆


  • full length: 730 mm
  • barrel lenght: 270 mm
  • weight: 4,400 g (including empty magazine)
  • bullet: 6mm BB (0.2~0.25g)
  • power source: Mini S battery
  • mag capacity: 96 


Introducing Tokyo Marui's innovative creation, the "SGR-12," which seamlessly combines "3-shot simultaneous firing" and "fully automatic firing" in the electric shotgun series! This design places a strong emphasis on optimizing handling, operability, and the structural integrity of the airsoft gun.


It maintains the shotgun's authentic structure, complete with a dummy gas tube, while achieving a rapid full-auto firing rate of 30 rounds per second. The incorporation of the necessary technology and mechanisms is efficient and leaves no room for waste.


Moreover, the SGR-12 features the latest "M-LOK" expansion rail system, ensuring a slim, lightweight profile while offering expandability.


Key Highlights


M-LOK Rail System

The upper receiver boasts an integrated aluminum-cut handguard with the adoption of the advanced "M-LOK" rail system. This handguard allows users to attach rails precisely where needed, offering a slim and lightweight solution by eliminating excess material. Included are M-LOK rails in three sizes: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots, which can be easily mounted or dismounted using the provided hex wrench.


3 Cylinder Mechanical Box

A specialized mechanical box has been developed to enable automatic simultaneous firing of three shots. Pulling the trigger initiates the firing, cocking, and automatic loading of the next round. The nozzle guide employs Kashima Coat, a self-lubricating alumite, ensuring seamless loading of three rounds even in full auto mode.


Full/Semi-Auto Switching

The SGR-12 offers a unique combination of semi-auto firing—discharging three simultaneous shots with one trigger pull—and full-auto firing, delivering three shots simultaneously at a cycle of roughly 10 shots per second while the trigger is engaged. The selector on the side of the body allows for quick switching between semi-auto and full-auto modes.


Electronic Switch (FET)

Incorporating the FET (electronic switch) system effectively mitigates the load on the switch mechanism when simultaneously firing three BB bullets in full-auto mode, while also enhancing trigger response.


Metal Inner Frame

The exterior frame conceals a full metal inner frame, enhancing overall rigidity and durability.


Triple Variable Hop-Up

The SGR-12 offers the flexibility of adjusting the hop-up individually for BB bullets fired from its three barrels using the hop-up dial inside the ejection port.


Flip-Up Sights

The upper rail extending from the handguard features flip-up front and rear sights, ensuring accurate targeting, even when they are folded down.


Semi-Transparent Magazine

The 96-round magazine not only accommodates your BBs but also provides an impressive semi-transparent design, allowing you to observe the dummy shot shells within.

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