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Tokyo Marui Saiga 12-K

Tokyo Marui Saiga 12-K


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About the Saiga shotgun


Originally made in Russia by Izhmash, the Saiga shotgun is recognized for its durability and adaptability. Being hinged on the AK weapon system, the terrific functional form of the Saiga shotguns has distinguished them among hunters, sports shooters, and tactical operators. It is alterable for 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and numerous other variants . Other good reasons for its excellence are semi-auto or gas-powered self-loading, which can take extremely fast second shots when needed. The ease with which all these features can be utilized has given the firearm its great success across the world.


■ Semi/3-shot burst firing capability – allows for rapid and precise shots while giving you the option to fire three shots at a time

■ Enhanced blowback engine – realistic feel of recoil shock in burst and semi-auto modes

■ Foldable stock – compact weapon for easy storage and portable transport Introduction


Saiga-12K: Gas Blowback Shotgun

Experience the power and precision of the Saiga-12K, the first in its gas blowback shotgun series, designed for law enforcement agencies. Developed based on the renowned AK mechanism, this semi-automatic shotgun combines reliability with cutting-edge technology.


Key Features:


Robust Blowback Action:
Equipped with a dedicated blowback engine, the Saiga-12K delivers strong recoil shock, mimicking the intensity of firing a real shotgun. Experience the authentic feel with every shot.


Realistic Functionality:
Enjoy realistic movable features, including loading the first bullet by operating the bolt handle and automatic stoppage when the magazine is empty. The takedown mechanism allows for easy maintenance, mirroring the real firearm.


Auto Stop System:
The built-in auto-stop system halts firing when the magazine is empty, ensuring safe operation. Optionally, disable the auto-stop function to continue firing even with an empty magazine.


Authentic Appearance:
Precision engineering based on real measurements results in accurate replication of each part's shape. The receiver cover and selector lever, made from pressed steel, maintain the authenticity of the Saiga 12-K Gas Blowback Shotgun.


Adjustable Front Sight:
Customize your aiming experience with the adjustable front sight, allowing for precise elevation and windage adjustments. Attach various optical sights using the side rail mount for enhanced versatility.


Box Type Magazine:
The Saiga 12-K Gas Blowback Shotgun comes with a 45-round magazine encased in durable resin, featuring a temperature measurement sticker on the gas tank surface for added convenience.

Explore the unparalleled performance and craftsmanship of the Saiga-12K, designed for discerning enthusiasts aged 18 and older.


What's included:

Saiga-12K gas blowback shotgun, magazine (45 rounds), protective cap, front sight adjustment tool, handling precautions and instructions, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2g/100). rounds)

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