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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical

Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical


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Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun: A Time-Tested Shotgun


■ Equipped with double hop-up system
■ Equipped with 3 shots ⇔ 6 shots switching system (3 shots simultaneous firing or 6 shots simultaneous firing)


  • full length: 954mm
  • barrel length: 260mm
  • weight: 2,680 g (including empty magazine and gas tank)
  • bullet: 6mm BB (0.2g)
  • power source: gas
  • mag capacity: 30 shots per shotgun cartridge (10 shots in 3 shot mode, 5 shots in 6 shot mode)


The M870, conceived by Remington Arms in the 1960s within the United States, stands as a pump-action shotgun celebrated for its exceptional maneuverability and robustness. This legendary firearm has etched its name in history as a trusted choice.


The inception of the pump-action shotgun dates back to 1882, where the ingenious design allowed for consecutive firing without compromising one's stance. The mechanism, entailing the rhythmic back-and-forth motion of the forend, proved to be the cornerstone of the contemporary shotgun, offering unparalleled versatility.


Fast forward to 1931 when Remington Arms, the renowned American firearms company, introduced the iconic M31, a weapon etched into the annals of history. This milestone marked the birth of the "M870," engineered to carry the torch forward. The M870 not only delivers impeccable reliability and consistent performance but boasts an extensive array of variants, featuring diverse barrel lengths, stock configurations, and grip designs.


This adaptability ensures that you can cherry-pick a model tailored to your specific needs. As a result, the M870 stands proudly at the vanguard, having secured its place as the industry's best-selling shotgun, cherished for its enduring legacy.


From the plethora of M870 variations, Tokyo Marui has elevated the M870 to new heights with the "Express Tactical" series, equipped with an XS ghost ring sight and a 20mm wide mount rail. A meticulous approach was taken to capture its visual authenticity and tactile sensation, making it not just an airsoft gun but a piece to admire and enjoy.


Key Features:

3 Shots ⇔ 6 Shots Switching System

Fire either 3 or 6 BB pellets concurrently, effortlessly toggling the desired number using the lever within the ejection port. Versatility in your hands, allowing for long-distance precision with 3 shots or close to medium range targeting with 6 shots.


Rapid Fire System

The functionality to fire continuously while cocking the forend and holding the trigger has been seamlessly integrated. The gas-operated lightweight cocking enables swift successive shots.


Realistic and Sturdy Aesthetics

Dominant components like the outer barrel, receiver, and trigger plate are fashioned from metal, ensuring a tangible realism and robustness suitable for extensive gameplay. Improvements in scale accuracy of the forend and stock further bolster the overall authenticity.


XS Type Sight & Mount Rail Inclusion

An XS-type rear sight mounted on a 20mm wide rail accommodates optical attachments like scopes and dot sights, enhancing its practicality as a combat shotgun.


Double Hop-Up System

A dual hop-up system optimizes BB pellets' accuracy across the 3 or 6-shot firing modes, ensuring dependable precision.


Large Removable Gas Tank

Safeguarded within the stock, a sizeable die-cast gas tank, resistant to low temperatures, is readily replaceable, ensuring consistent performance.


Shot Shell-Type Magazine

Boasting a 30-round capacity and designed to mimic real shot shells, the included magazine offers a heightened level of realism. Compatible with air shotgun shotshell-type magazines.


What's included

M870 tactical body, gas tank, magazine (30 rounds), protective cap, handling precautions/manual, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullet (0.2g/100 rounds)


Explore the M870 Tactical – an embodiment of functionality and craftsmanship in the realm of airsoft shotguns.

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