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Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher

Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher


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 Equipped with double hop-up system
■ Equipped with 3 shots ⇔ 6 shots switching system (3 shots simultaneous firing or 6 shots simultaneous firing)


  • full length: 515mm
  • barrel length: 197mm
  • weight: 2,200 g (including empty magazine and gas tank)
  • bullet: 6mm BB (0.2g)
  • power source: gas
  • mag capacity: 30 shots per shotgun cartridge (10 shots in 3 shot mode, 5 shots in 6 shot mode)


The iconic combat shotgun "M870" boasts a wide array of variants tailored to specific applications. Among them, the M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun stands out as the most compact and lightweight model. Its design has been refined by replacing the stock with a pistol grip and shortening the barrel to 10 inches, making it ideal for indoor or close-quarters combat scenarios where agility and dependability are paramount.


Key Features


3 Shots ⇔ 6 Shots Switching System: Capable of firing 3 or 6 BB bullets simultaneously, offering versatility for various engagement distances. The switching lever inside the ejection port allows for seamless adaptation of the M870 Breacher Gas Shotgun to different combat situations.


Rapid Fire System: Features a unique function enabling continuous firing by cocking the foregrip while pulling the trigger. The gas-powered mechanism ensures swift follow-up shots.


Realistic and Sturdy Construction: Crafted from metal materials for enhanced realism and durability. Components such as the outer barrel, receiver, and trigger plate provide a solid feel suitable for intense gaming sessions. Precisely measured foregrip and pistol grip improve authenticity.


Pistol Grip with Medallion: The pistol grip features checkering and a non-slip rubber coating for improved handling. Gold-colored medallions adorn the left and right sides, adding to its aesthetic appeal.


Double Hop-Up System: Equipped with a dual hop-up system to enhance accuracy for both 3-shot and 6-shot firing modes, ensuring consistent performance.


Removable Gas Tank: Cold-resistant die-cast gas tank housed within the grip can be easily replaced for uninterrupted gameplay.


Shot Shell Type Magazine: Includes a 30-round magazine resembling a real shot shell, providing an authentic shooting experience. (*Compatible with shotshell type magazines for air shotguns.)

Trivia: The term "Breacher" in the M870 Breacher's name originates from its specialized role in breaching operations, where it is used to swiftly breach doors or obstacles encountered in close-quarters combat situations. This variant's compact design and rapid-fire capabilities make it a preferred choice for tactical teams operating in confined spaces.


What's included: M870 Breacher gast shotgun, gas tank, magazine (30 rounds), protective cap, handling precautions/instructions, charger, charging rod, cleaning rod, BB bullets (0.2g/100 rounds)

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