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Tokyo Marui M40A5

Tokyo Marui M40A5


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Tokyo Marui Advanced M40A5 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle: Precision and Adaptability for Ultimate Performance


■Equipped with variable hop-up system
■Single shot fire


full length: 1,200mm
gun length: 280 mm
weight: 3,400 g (including empty magazine)
bullet: 6mm BB (0.2~0.28g)
power source: manual
mag capacity: 35 rounds


The M40A5, an evolution of the M40 series originally based on the M700 sniper rifle, stands as the ultimate sniper rifle, offering unmatched accuracy and guaranteed hits. Adopted by the U.S. Marine Corps, it features various enhancements, including a thermal vision mount for superior night-shooting capabilities. Tokyo Marui, in their bolt-action air rifle rendition, has painstakingly pursued realism and operability, ensuring that hitting the target with precision is a given.


The US Marine Corps employs the M40 series, a line of sniper rifles originally derived from the highly regarded Remington M700. Leveraging the advancements made to the M40, initially a factory-produced model, subsequent iterations within the M40 series have been subject to independent enhancements and production by the Marine Corps. Drawing on the knowledge accumulated through numerous battles and extensive testing, this rifle has undergone a gradual evolution over several years, advancing from the M40 to the A1 and A3 models.


Notably, in the presently active M40A5 variant, a novel accessory mount has been introduced. This mount allows for the attachment of night vision devices to the front of the optical sight, resulting in a significant enhancement of nighttime shooting capabilities.


Versatile Stocks

The M40A5 comes in three distinct stock models to cater to various operational environments. Choose from the fearless black stock suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the OD (olive drab) stock designed for enhanced camouflage in vegetated areas, and the FDE (flat dark earth) stock optimized for desert terrain. These stocks are meticulously crafted to elevate your sniping experience.


Macmillan Type Stock

The resin stock mirrors the actual product, meticulously recreating its shape and texture for a realistic feel. The adjustable cheek piece at the rear allows for personalized modifications, and included spacers offer customizable butt plate thickness, ensuring a comfortable fit for every shooter.


Metal Components

The M40A5 boasts metal materials in key parts such as the outer barrel, muzzle brake, receiver, and mount base. This provides a genuine feel and robustness essential for rigorous gameplay.


Bolt Handle Features

The rifle is equipped with an indicator for quick visualization of the bolt's operation status. A bolt handle lock mechanism prevents erroneous handling while cocking. The shortened 68mm bolt stroke facilitates precise and rapid bolt operation.


BB Load System

A bullet feeding mechanism, the BB load system, replicates the realistic magazine position. When no magazine is installed or an empty magazine is in place, a safety mechanism prevents the chamber from accepting bullets, ensuring safe operation.


Trigger Customization

The trigger weight and stroke distance can be adjusted according to individual preferences, providing a tailored shooting experience.


Mount Base Equipment

In addition to a mount base for optical sights, the M40A5 includes an accessory mount—a defining feature of this rifle. It supports various optional parts compatible with the 20mm width (Picatinny standard), ensuring adaptability for different scenarios.


Pressed Steel Magazine

This rifle comes with a magazine sporting a 35-round capacity and a pressed steel outer case, closely resembling the real thing. The magazine's authenticity adds to the overall realism and experience of using the M40A5 sniper rifle.


What's included

M40A5 airsoft rifle, magazine (35 rounds), spacer (Sx1/Mx1/Lx2), protective cap, handling precautions/instructions, 2 types of hex wrenches, cleaning rod, BB bullets (0.28g/100 rounds)


The M40A5 sniper rifle stands as a pinnacle of precision, adaptability, and realism, earning its place as the ultimate choice for those who demand guaranteed hits in the field. With a rich array of features and attention to detail, it redefines the art of sniping and is a testament to Tokyo Marui's dedication to excellence.


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