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Prometheus EG Barrel Wide 280MM

Prometheus EG Barrel Wide 280MM

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●Inner diameter φ6.03±0.01mm with dimensional tolerance!
●Wide-Expanded HOP window for a variety of HOP nubs and tensioners

Introducing Prometheus “EG Barrel W”; Wide-Expanded HOP window model, based on our EG barrel with the renewed Wide-Expanded HOP window for a variety of HOP nubs and tensioners.
Inner barrel bore width of 6.03mm with a tolerance of ±0.01mm, made of stainless steel (SUS) for superior strength necessary to maintain accuracy without the need for coatings. The HOP window adopted in this model is a wide type similar to Prometheus KRYTAC-compatible EG barrel, making it suitable for setups involving R-HOP and other extended hop tuning techniques. Also compatible with other tuning setups, allowing for a broader range of customization options.
※Be sure to clean the barrel's interior before use.
※Do not re-use BBs or use BBs have fallen on the ground. The tight inner diameter of the barrel may cause blockage with deformed or unclean BBs such as dust or dirt.

■Length: 280mm

■Dimensions: Inner diameter 6.03mm

■Compatible Models:Various Tokyo Marui AEG
※Not compatible with Next Generation Electric Gun MP5A5 and MP5SD6.
※Not compatible with Standard Electric Gun M14 series.

■MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (SUS)



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