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MECHBOX PRO CNC Aluminum Cylinders

MECHBOX PRO CNC Aluminum Cylinders

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Maximize your AEG’s performance with a Mechbox Pro CNC Aluminum Cylinder.  Whether you’re running softer / harder springs, shorter / longer barrels, regular / DSG gears, cut / uncut pistons, a high speed / high torque motor; we’ve got a model that suits your needs.



  • Precision CNC machining on the inside and outside surfaces for a truly straight and highly polished interior finish

  • CNC processed from solid 6061T6 Aluminum Billet Stock

  • Lightweight with excellent heat dissipation

  • Mil Spec Hard Anodized Finish for maximum surface wear durability and material hardness

  • 5 Different Port Cuts for various applications


Compatibility:   Most AEG Gearboxes


  • T1 Full (No Cut) for Long Barrel (<430mm) , low ROF; suitable for:  M16A2, PSG-1, G3, and other long barrel AEGs

  • T2 Standard ¾ Cut for Mid Length Barrel (365< 410mm); medium velocity / medium ROF; suitable for:  M4A1 and other mid length barrel AEGs

  • T3 5/8 Cut for SMGs (<300mm), DSG Geared; lower velocity / high ROF; suitable for MP5K, or other short barreled AEGs.

  • T4 7/8 Slit Cut for Mid / High Power / Long Length Barrel (<430mm), this is a hybrid of our ¾ cut and full cut cylinder; mid / high velocity, mid / high ROF, suitable for AKM, AK74, and other mid length barrel AEGs

  • T5 3/4 Small Holes for Longer Barrels (430<470mm), high ROF; pair with MP Double O-Ring Piston head for added FPS (approximately 5m/s increase)

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