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LayLax Rail Stock Base [FirstFactory]

LayLax Rail Stock Base [FirstFactory]

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・A base for attaching a buffer tube to a Picatinny rear stock base!

・Compatible with various M4 retractable stocks and buffer tubes!

It can be attached to our Picatinny rear stock base series or models equipped with a Picatinny rail on the stock base, such as the SIG MCX. By combining it with various M4-compatible retractable stocks, you can customize the look to your preference. It securely holds the buffer tube to the gun , and will give you stabile shooting form. *Please note that the stock and buffer tube is not included. If you are looking for a buffer tube, it is compatible with LayLax "Rail Stock Pipe Adapter Light." *Depending on the type of buffer tube you use, there may be some play or gaps, or some modification may be required during installation. *The length of the fixing screw (M5×P0.8) may vary depending on the type of stock pipe used. The fixing screw is NOT included, and must be prepared. Please refer to the diagram below for correct dimension. (Screw should not stick out, longer than 5mm from the end face of the stock buffer tube) If it is too long, it needs to be cut.

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