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Laylax Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner (Flat Type)

Laylax Prometheus Flat Hop Tensioner (Flat Type)

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Flat Hop Tensioner (Flat Type)

●Essential for flat hop setups.
●Creates a longer point of contact with the BB.
●Improved stability and accuracy.
●Soft and hard versions included for various BB weights.

Hop up nubs (standard hop up setups) and hop up tensioners (flat hop/R hop setups) are the first point of contact between the gun and the BB itself. This crucial point of contact determines the stability of the BB in flight and thus its accuracy. For flat hop/R hop builds, the flat hop tensioner dramatically increases the surface area that the BB is in contact with. Combine with the Prometheus Flat Hop bucking (Prommy Blue) for optimal performance.

・Soft Flat Type Tensioner ×1
・Hard Flat Type Tensioner ×1

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