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LayLax Modular Case Range Bag

LayLax Modular Case Range Bag

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Pistol bag to store all your handguns and gear!
The top and bottom surfaces are made of material with flexibility and high tensile strength.

All compartments are sewn with cushioning material to gently protect stored items.
The loop can be used for multiple purposes, such as attaching a carabiner or hanging gloves.

The back pocket is convenient for storing thin items such as tablets.
Comes with a strap.

Introducing our Pistol Backpack, perfect for carrying handguns and gear together for shooting ranges or survival games. The bag features a customizable main compartment with adjustable dividers and an upper sub-compartment for storing smaller items. In addition to the dividers, you can further customize the interior using the included magazine storage bands and hook-and-loop fasteners. The bag's exterior boasts a front zipper pocket, drink holders on both sides, and flap pockets, ideal for organizing your accessories. On the back, you'll find a pocket for storing slim items like tablets.

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