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Airsoft Barracks



Batteries and Chargers not included. All rifles ship with orange tip.

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Elite Force Airsoft is bringing extreme duty Heckler & Koch firepower to the AEG line with the HK MG4 "belt fed" airsoft machine gun. This AEG features smart circuitry that will detect the battery type and size you are using as well as over-heat protection. With a 4,000 round detachable box magazine and a 900 round internal hopper (do not fill and use both at the same time) and adjustable hop-up, the MG4 can really send it with mad intensity. The MG4 is equipped with an integral folding bi-pod, side mount Picatinny rails, folding stock with folding wire shoulder support, and folding carry handle. The 4,000 round detachable magazine is powered by the gun's battery and will reliably feed BBs while you have the MG4 deployed. This lightweight, compact machine gun of high airsoft firepower can be carried by one soldier providing full mobility in difficult terrain and in the urban environment.

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