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ASG Infinity Motor Short Type

ASG Infinity Motor Short Type

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ULTIMATE Infinity series motors represent the state of the art in airsoft motor technology. Using only the highest grade materials and engineered to superior tolerances with CNC processes, each INFINTY motor is the pinnacle of AEG power with enhanced strength and performance.

The ULTIMATE INFINITY motor series is recommended for airsoft technicians and those skilled at custom airsoft builds.  We recommend carefully pairing your choice of motor with other parts in our ULTIMATE range to avoid accidental damage to your AEG and to provide optimal performance.


  • CNC machined aluminium front and back covers
  • CNC machined pinion steel gear
  • CNC machined stainless steel shaft
  • Silicon steel rotor
  • Precision built motor housing
  • Heat resistant rare-earth magnets
  • Enlarged motor-shaft ball-bearing stabilisers
  • High-grade silver plated wiring and larger carbon brushes for improved electrical conductivity

The INFINITY range of CNC motors are designed to incorporate the finest features found in airsoft motors currently on the market. The result is a motor which is the best of the best and  at the cutting edge of AEG upgrades.

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