Airsoft Barracks Field Rules

All players must use ANSI rated full seal goggles and they must be worn at all times when on the field.

All players are required to use face and neck protection such as a balaclava, shemagh, or approved paintball mask.

Barrel socks are required for all long guns and they must be covering the point of bb exit when not on the playing field.

Magazines must be removed when not on the playing field.

Pistols must be holstered with the magazine removed when not on the playing field.

Red death rags are required to signal you are hit. During low light/night games a red or orange glow stick will be required.  No other signals will be accepted that you are out.

No touching another player, his gun, or anything connected to him unless it is with an approved game type weapon (rubber style knife)

Absolutely no belligerent vocal communication. You may not yell any variation of “Call Your Hits”.

We do not permit swearing or foul language on the premises.

No drugs or alcohol on the premises. Intoxicated individuals will not be allowed to play and will be removed.

Velocity and minimum engagement distances (MED)

Players may have their weapons  randomly tested during play or in staging area to make sure they meet velocity requirements

  • Standard rifleman – 400FPS with .28bb (or lighter) – NO MED

We recommend that you don’t engage closer than 20ft, however we do not require a MED due to the fact that it causes arguments and confrontation. As in paintball, we allow players to get closer to each other if they choose to do so, however we want players to understand this beforehand so they can stay farther away from each other if they do not want to be engaged at close range.

  • Sniper/DMR – 500FPS with .28bb (or lighter) – MANDATORY 100FT MED

Players in the Sniper/DM role are strongly encouraged to have a secondary weapon for use in engagements  inside the 100FT MED

All players caught cheating or not abiding by the rules will be immediately ejected from play and subject to field removal  without refund.